real-life closet inspo + a renewal

ta-da! It's meeee! (ha)

But seriously, I have this outfit

in real life.

The leather

jacket from Florence,

the siren red-orange pencil skirt, the sunnies, and the coffee cup is usually accurate.

The only thing that isn't true are those long limbs (I wish)

and that teal clutch

inspired from this.

The shoes kind of count because I once had them, and who knows where they are now.

Anyway - I have been getting into my sketches again lately and it is making me SO happy. 

Not only have I been renewing old designs (this one is an oldie included!)

but I am selling stationery at my etsy shop. It has been two years



), where did the time go?

Take a look at some of my designs - click on the image to get directed to the item!

'floral wreath'

 / these are personalizable! well, pretty much everything is. :)


 for the anglophile in your life!

- - -

there is much more to come, but in the meantime,

happy browsing! thank you for supporting my little shop.

you can visit it here: 

anticipation designs

ciao, xo!