achievements + eating cleaner

Happy Monday! I am feeling SO good lately. All of it is mostly due to an almost unnaturally consistent

workout/cleanse I've been kind of sort of doing

. Over the last week, I magically gained some miraculous ability to practice hardcore discipline and self-control: I've ran and actually pushed myself every day of the week, and since I did that and felt so good about it, eating healthier and cleaner kind of came naturally. I don't know what has come over me, or who knocked some sense into my head, because I was never this motivated. But I am loving it. This week will be a little harder, because the temps are going to soar and I am sure running will be brutal; on top of GRE practice, this is the week to see if I really have the discipline. 

I keep in mind a little axiom that haunts me whenever I open the pantry doors: getting in shape is 20% exercise and 70% what you eat. Hmmmpf. While Doritos would be an excellent, almost barbaric gratification after a hard exercise, I have learned to restrain. Why undo all of that misery hard work? So, I made myself a salad. My little indulgence is the pecorino cheese. That in and of itself is the most precious reward. If you have never tried it, stop right now, book a trip to Florence. Sign yourself up for a wine/cheese tasting in the ancient hills of


. The spicy sharp fresh pecorino cheese - oh my word. Fireworks, jubilation, ecstasy. 

Ok...back to what I was talking about...the salad!


- baby kale mix

- grilled chicken (seasoned with sea salt, pepper)

- sliced almonds

- grated pecorino cheese

- raspberry vinaigrette dressing 

If you


want to be clean, you might choose to opt out of the dressing. In retrospect, I may switch out the raspberry vinaigrette for a poppyseed dressing or even some classic balsamic. The sweet flavors do a nice job of balancing the bitter kale.

Happy clean eating, and enjoy your week!

ciao, xo