I Just Booked My Flight...


for Los Angeles*!

The exhilaration of buying my ticket for LA is still with me. It's going to be my first time EVER in California.

While I wish I was going


, or 



LA is going to be really fun and exciting because I am meeting S out there!

I have a couple of things I am excited about, curious about, and just plain confused about.

As a true blue east coaster (philly!), I know that growing up I associated LA with Hollywood.

Are they even the same thing? I know these are 

incredibly stupid questions but I am just typing freely here.

I also associate LA with smog and names of beaches that may have appeared 

on Hollister graphic tees of my youth. 

Sorry, but I just do...

If you have read my blog or know me, you probably know that

S is relocating to LA

 for work. 

This is a time to celebrate the transition, 

and just have some fun with lots of downtime, beach time, and exploring time.

The time that we will spend together just exploring 

the area is probably what I look forward to most.

*oh, and I really won't be in LA, but the beaches nearby. even better!

so excited! enjoy your weekend. ciao, xo