coffee diaries | green street

I'm realizing that my coffee chronicling (aka diary-ing) needs to be turned into a more suitable verb that rolls off the tongue. Scouting? Searching? Whatever it is I am doing, it is a lot of fun, especially  in the summer. I don't know what it is about it,  but the quest for the perfect latte is made even more enjoyable when there is a subtle hint of warmth in the breeze.

It is equally as enjoyable when the cafè you find has a vase of fresh cut flowers and the sweetest arrangement for outdoor seating. It was screaming to me from half a block away when I first caught sight of

Green Street.

I think what I liked most about Green Street was the ambience - not so much the coffee itself (which is good, no denying) but rather the context in which I enjoyed the coffee. The leafy green trees lining Spruce St. provided the perfect amount of shade, while the cafe provided the perfect table setting. I wish I could go back here and bring a couple of friends, just to sit for hours on end. The latte is a little pricey at $4, but definitely made by an expert hand. The coffee is roasted locally, too, which makes it even more appealing - the entire Green Street operation is a neighborhood enterprise. Philly made? I like it.

notes from the coffee diary:

- smoky linger and "durable" foam

- rich and bold. seems to be on the darker side.

- sweetened with 2 packets stevia.

- cafe atmosphere is bright, airy. love the lively decor.

Green Street Coffee

1101 Spruce St.