health kick update

blue tank  GAP | running shorts  GAP | sports bras GAP (old) | sneakers Nike Free 5.0 | red tank  Nike

I checked in last week  about some small victories with my eating clean + daily cardio workouts. Just as last time, the resounding conclusion I've made is that each time I exercise, I feel so much better. By the time I am all cooled down and feeling accomplished, I vow to myself that I've gotta do it again tomorrow. And now, it's been two weeks straight without much temptation to break the habit. They say it takes three weeks to really get into a new habit, so this week will be the week. One unlikely (or not) motivation I am finding is the workout gear itself.

There must  be a study out there somewhere that is looking into the correlation between "bright colored workout gear" and "motivation to work out." I swear there is a link because it definitely keeps me going. I am finding that my go-to favorite for good quality and great price is GAP, whose styles even rival some of the other items on my wish list from lululemon or nike. The thing is, when I am shopping for these kinds of clothes, I tell myself that I HAVE to work out if I buy it. It is an absolute must. No workout, no new clothes. And it has to be a good workout. Gross and sweaty and well-deserved. This ongoing inner dialogue seems to be working.

A-ha's: I have this little route I do that I never  could have done before. I've not quite mastered it, but the other day I went non-stop and felt SO good about it. Each day, adding a little more. The confidence I am feeling is one of the best rewards. I'm also pretty sure that I run better in the early AM, but lately rising that early is becoming a harder thing to do!

Worries: My schedule is inevitably going to change with the school year approaching and I am dreeeeading that. I refuse to lose the hard work that I've put in over the past couple of weeks because it slowly builds, but I know me, and I know that after a 9 hr workday the last thing I am going to want to do is go and run.

ciao! xo