strong start

As I type this, I am freaking out -

freaking freaking freaking out.

Today is the GRE.

And just so we are all on the same page, this is definitely not the nutritious brain-boosting breakfast I am eating today...

it's from a few days ago...and today I'll probably be in the city somewhere eating a bagel and a coffee.

Then nervously chomping on my fingernails before the exam starts. not exactly the breakfast of champions.

I'm not sure why I feel at ease typing this here - you know, all of my worries and anxieties - 

but it feels kind of nice to let it all out. suck it, GRE - cannot wait to get this over with.

five hours of torture.

at least 

i can look forward

 to this


maybe I'll


a pretty drink for you.

ciao, xo

ps. wish me luck! send me some good vibes. PLEASE