what does a perfect day look like?

this is a little gross...seconds before, he gulped down a WHOLE fish...

hat siena flea market | maxi h&m | tank ae

Sunday was perfection, such a tease of summer!

I know I gush a lot, but this weekend - especially our beach day for Mother's day - was downright lovely. Hot, 80 degrees, calm, sunny, high and light, whispery clouds. Coffee and healthyish snacks for the beach (hi strawberries and cream!). A day spent with my mother, sister, and grandmother. We got treated to a little air show, some light shopping, and poking around the newly expanded post-Sandy beach.

It had been a stressful week before this. It seems at the moment my family is encountering little dilemmas lately - so this was a nice break from it all. I think it is even worse when you have to watch the people around you stress out, when it is out of your control! But as always it seems to all fall into place - which I am sure it all will. All in good time. In the meantime, I really  feel like this summer can't come soon enough...all of that water glistening in the sun totally got me.

ciao! xo