life at 1000mph

Somehow it is the end of the school year and I feel like I am more stressed than I have been in a while - like life is moving at 1000mph and it is very difficult to brake. All is great, in the big scheme of things. How is it that the everyday routine can be so exhausting and draining? Here are a few snippets from the week...

an excursion into philadelphia for my little sister's college graduation!

and of course, a pit stop for a philly pretzel...

 new shoes (they are already scuffed up a little, ugh)

may flowers. love you. the pollen is pretty overbearing, though...

 - - -

So, yes, the weekend is extremely necessary. Since our

winter was so horribly snowy

, it seems like a never ending year. Anyway, I hope to be remedying the constant moving/busy-ness with calming walks, cups of coffee (idk if that is always the best help), and of course, taking pictures. Even of the most repetitive thing - it's been flowers lately - taking pictures makes me just the happiest. And it makes me miss traveling, and the summertime. When things always seem brighter and more vivid. I am


for my summer self. I swear its an alter-ego and I wish desperately that I could always be Summer Taylor, or Siena Taylor (that was the


She cooks, eats healthy, exercises more, gets up for slow leisurely mornings, is tanner


, and seems to feel lighter, mentally. I keep telling myself, just a few more weeks. Counting down the mondays. It is going to happen, it is going to be here!

Okay, end rant. If you're not sick of me then you should go on over to

Elah Tree,

where I am included in this month's advice column. Yipee!

Click click clickaroo.