Buon Anniversario!

If it were up to me, May 18th would be an official holiday. It's my three year Sienaversary. Three years ago I hopped on a plane with complete strangers and began my study abroad experience.  I enjoyed life to the absolute maximum. I remember my thinking to myself, every night, no matter the occasion - I couldn't miss it. "Sleep when you're dead!" is exactly what I told myself. For a little while, Siena felt like the only other place on the planet that I knew. That summer really was one of a kind - the people, the gold man, the mid-day (sometimes twice a day) trips to Conad, skipping the bar for vino in the campo, the donkey garden, the 


the awe-inspiring classes of Dr. Bruttini. I miss sitting on the warm Tuscan brick of the campo floor and writing in the journal. I miss the dry heat, the bats in the morning, the horrible internet connection. The 

bottiglie di acqua 



and the ritual of eating. I miss hanging my clothes on the line. I miss solo morning outings, like seeing the sun rise. I was so okay with being alone. Talking to a real Sienese here and there, being just as interested in them as they were in me. But the friends I was with made it all. Those total strangers became my good, good friends. I still count a few as my best. Words or photos are not enough.

ciao, xo