may I vent for a moment?

{ a lovely picture of flowers that has absolutely nothing to do with anything }

1. My


Chinese restaurant has closed! All of a sudden, out of nowhere! First the windows were dark - then the phone was disconnected. Noooo. That was certainly fun to find out. They had the very best tea in the world, and made such delicious steamed veggie dumplings. There just isn't a substitute.


2. Taxes. Oh my god. I am sorry, but this was my first time doing them alone. All I heard was, "it's easy! Just do turbo tax! Press the buttons!" It could not have been more stressful. I went through such waves of emotion. Relief! Anger! Joy (for not even a hot second)! I am pretty sure I messed up (am I even allowed to say that here?) but I tried my best. Just glad it is over, and I am so not doing them myself next year...

3. Not remembering passwords.

4. Painting your nails, then doing something before they dry. GRR. Also, used 

this new kind of polish

 and I am pretty sure it didn't work. So I am walking around with one really weird nail, it brushed up against something while wet and later dried with a huge slab of paint missing. I don't think it really matters, because they're already chipped up anyway.

5. My personal favorite is my cell phone. For instance, this week I left it in my bag for an afternoon (I was at work), perhaps 2-4 hours. When I checked it again, it was at 13% battery. I wasn't even using it, nothing was downloading...seriously? Also, when I


want it to actually charge, the cord has to be inserted at the perfect angle. Not straight in, not inclined upwards, but downwards. Seriously?

6. My haircut - I know, I know, I

preached about a healthy chop

a few days ago but I am feeling so awkward with my shorter hair. The worst part is I know I am the only one that notices the difference - but I feel


dramatically different. 

7. oh! another phone one! this one is kind of stupid - but auto correct all of a sudden stopped. I say dumb things now through texts. I speed through, and inevitably hit the wrong key - but i guess my phone is so used to my errors now that they ignore them too. well...whateveeeer.

 - - -

just a few things that have made me kiiiinda frustrated lately.

somehow I feel slightly better now that I have vented on ya. ;)

ok - your turn! feel free to vent away.

ciao! xooo