cozy, dressed up

scarf lululemon | maxi skirt american eagle (old) | tank wal-mart (!!) | watch kate spade 

So, I mentioned earlier in the week briefly all of the birthday swag (which I feel awful about, because I hate the idea of even sounding like bragging) but I was just too excited to hold this one in.

So excited in fact, that I rushed my photographer (ie. my brother) out the door to take impromptu outfit pictures. Trying to capture an effortless look, I decided to use my new lululemon vinyasa scarf as a shawl AND wear a new statement necklace that may or may not be competing with the whole effortless-kind-of-look. Mayyybe won't pair them again in real life. Ah, retrospect. But, anyway, I loved the idea of a neutral, lounge-y look that exudes comfort and coziness. Cue: maxi skirts. Cannot get enough, will not get enough - and I think I am going to need one in every color for my weekend uniform.

Anyway - back to the scarf -  did you know that there are ten (and obviously COUNTLESS more) ways to tie it up? 

i think my favorite is #7, the shirt. anyway, this is one brilliant garment. Who knew that a super-cozy and soft square of fabric could bring so much joy.

thank you for the gifts, J :)

ciao! xooooo.