i miss my old blog.

For three years I blogged at a different URL, which I loved and updated almost every day. And due to unforeseeable circumstances, I had to start over (mysterious, right?). I really do miss my old blog. I feel like it's hard to recreate the same flow here, although I am trying my best. The two blogs are really similar in look and nature - I think this one is 'cleaned up' a bit - but now that I am working full time it's increasingly difficult and frustrating because I can't devote the time I want to this blog. Or your blogs. I felt so much more connected to other bloggers and that's one thing I want to work on from this point.

I totally would go back and re-post every single thing from the former Anticipation. But that's lame and a waste of time. So I thought I'd post a few of my all time favorite photos from my old posts, maybe with a snippet here or there. Why not (and in no particular order...) ??

a vase of fresh white peonies I received on my last day of student teaching. 

One summer, I made home made frozen yogurt dots! So delicious.

From my notecard/etsy shop - one of my favorite flat notecard designs. 

this night I discovered how to use a telephoto lens plus shutter priority...

summer weddings. 

another telephoto lens adventure.

  a happy desk.

 one of my favorite summer dates that sticks out in my mind.

october trips to long beach island

an impromptu picture which i think is nearly perfect in its imperfection

i just love the muted colors in this one.

 sweet, sweet summer

 college town

 fresh back-to-school cut

 another one, perfect in its flaws

 the snowy halloween, i think it was '11

ahhh, and that's