new years' resolutions

Some of my new year's resolutions…just to name a


I think my resolutions for last year were a little more self-centered,

and they are even repeated (some!) here. A bit. Last year I was more focused on

travel! finding me time! going to cafes! exploring my own city!

This year I need to practice more 


displays of giving.

Anywayyyy…I am wishing for a happy 2014. Last year was utterly fantastic.

I've been so lucky in so many ways. And I could sit here and do a year of review…but I won't.

(one of my resolutions is to not dwell on the past!) The reason being, I reminisce too much. Siiigh.

I can only hope that 2014 is just as bountiful, rich, unexpected, and exciting. I am sure it will be.

happy New Years' eve, everyone!

ciao, xo!!