it's 2014!

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This time last year…if you told me all the things 2013 would bring, I'd laugh in disbelief.

2013 took me to Italy, after winning a contest. It gave me a huge boost in my career.

It brought me to amazing people and experiences all over…home and far away.

It brought me closer to friends and gave me so many amazing moments with family.

I can only hope that this year will bring more of the same!

But I have to be honest…even just for a second…

New Year's is definitely my 


favorite holiday. I really don't like it.

All the buildup, the plans, the expectations for plans, and the reality.

The very worst part is immediately after…back to school, back to work, and winter! ew!

I am shuddering.

But to emphasize the positive…things are moving forward. As they always do.

There is so much to look forward to, and be thankful for. Even the things I don't know about yet!

Which is what makes life absolutely amazingly fun.

So…no more philosophical new years' complaints and tangents…

go enjoy your first day of 2014! do something awesome.

ciao! xo