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zucca + cioccolato scuro (pumpkin and "serious" chocolate, aka dark) 


is my go-to gelato place in Philly…

They have, undoubtedly, the very best gelato in town.

What I don't understand is, though, how it took me this

long to realize they probably have very good espresso…

Well, they do! 

This coffee diaries outing was a bit unconventional and impromptu (just as it should be).

After a long dinner date with a lovely siena friend, we decided to get some gelato for old times' sake… and hey, a cappuccino or two! why not?!

it was delightful. like a little taste of italy. made right here in midtown philadelphia.

Truth: I don't think I've ever paired cappuccinos and gelato before, since its not quite the thing to have a caffè  past, say, 10am…but I'm thinking I should do it more often.

this place is a keeper. ;)


Gelato Artisans

20th and Sansom Streets, Philadelphia