scenes from my weekend

a new first for me: afghan cuisine! two thumbs up!

also, another first: pumpkin gelato.


 sometimes, mess-ups are so beautiful.

new swag from


;) thanks s!

that's quite an assortment of photos, isn't it!?

Saturday night was spent at a cozy floor side table at

ariana's in old city

 with an old friend catching up.

we sat in the window and watched all of the passersby, the city lights flickering, and the happy college kids (maybe


happy) wave at us through the glass. 

before my friend arrived I snapped some pictures to kill some time - the sun was setting rapidly.

i do have to admit i am a bit rusty with my shutter and aperture settings - it's never something i really mastered (hence photo no.6)

but i enjoyed it immensely, nonetheless.

i do truly miss long days filled with sunlight, but the evening chill of the fall is exhilarating.

this time preceding thanksgiving, and all of the holidays for that matter, is so exciting. :)

life's highlights lately:

+ discovering pumpkin gelato. 

+ oolong tea and honey on weeknights in.

+ loooong grey fuzzy socks.

+ an unexpected goodie bag of korres makeup from s…you dote on me!

+ seeing the very first sets of christmas lights out

+ candles at night by my bedside.

what's making you happy today!?

ciao, xo