leather jacket


\\ tee h&m


\\ necklace loft


\\ pants


\\ booties

banana republic

\\ bag


\\ sunnies

ray ban

If you've been keeping up with items

on my radar

you'd know that I have been ogling t

hese boots

from Banana Republic for some time now…I


finally realized that I should just shut up and buy them. and I did! I paraded them all through town on saturday, and could notttt have been happier! oh, shoe love..

This weekend was low key and beautiful, albeit chilly. I got some essential shopping done - I haven't actually


in person, in an actual store - in weeks. I like online shopping, but I had really missed the satisfaction of having your clothes immediately after you buy them. You know? Fedex tracking and pathetically checking my doorstep everyday gets a



PS. Happy birthday weekend to my mama! :) We rang in her big day with morning tea, our weekend run, pedicures and shopping (with a  few coffee breaks in between). it was perfection. :)

PPS. Happy Veteran's Day - and my sincerest appreciation for you all out there.

have a happy week! ciao, xo