Cinque Terre: The First Two Towns


That's my new favorite way to say


(pronounced ree-yo-ma-jzour-ray, in my own incorrect explanation). Well, the Cinque Terre, also known as the Italian Riviera, is becoming a very well-known spot, that you've probably heard of it before. That's not going to stop me from overloading you with some of these glittering, dreamlike views of the first cliffside town in le cinque terre.

 "T + S"

So, as you can see,


is all blue. Stunning views of turquoise, almost iridescent waters. It's such a good first place to stop along your journey of the five towns. Some people I know say it is their absolute favorite part. I have a particular attachment to it, now, since S and I "locked our love" on the

via dell'amore

, "lover's lane," a famous pathway that starts the 5+ hour hike along the coast. I threw that key into the water so happily, and I can't wait to go see our lock again together.

- - -

After Riomaggiore, there's Manarola - a personal picturesque favorite of mine. It is a breathtaking view; I remember the first time I saw it two years ago, I was actually breathless. This view is the stuff of dreams. 

You know you're in Manarola when you see gentlemen fishermen having a relaxed conversation in the shade, leaning up against their boats which are wheeled up in the streets. You see little the sun beaming down little stair-lined alleys, like the one above. You hear the clinking of silverware and soft chatter over plates of seafood and

pesto alla genovese.

You see vibrant bursts of wild, sprawling flowers, chasing up walls. The stacked terraces along the cliffsides scream in green, and the blue waters are so blindingly glittery in the sun.

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