Sweet Apple Rose Tortes


The Ingredients

2 Red Apples | Lemon Juice | Apricot Preserves | Water | Cinnamon | Flour | Puff Pastry

Makes 6 roses


If you want to skip ahead to the recipe, here it is! 

For Easter, I wanted to create something light for dessert that would be a surprise for both my parents and for S's. I ended up deciding on these pretty rose tortes, which are made mostly of apple. They're delicious, surprisingly sweet, and very light (in moderation - I only had 2!). I found a Pinterest recipe alllllll the way down at the bottom of my board, probably from years ago, which broke down the steps of how to make. I recommend watching this video also to help! 

After baking for about 40 minutes (allow ~10 min cooling), the apple roses are perfectly done and ready to eat. They also transport well, if packed in well-sealed container. Some people like to eat with a fork, others (like me) just bite in. One thing is for sure, though - they instantly glam up the table, adding such a pretty and decorative touch. These would look great on any Mother's Day Brunch table, Bridal or Baby shower, or family Sunday dinner table....

Hope you have success baking these! They're pretty fool-proof! The trick is to have fun (and go a little heavy on apricot preserves).

Ciao! xo