Shop-Small Gift Ideas

Our Christmas this year will be very modest, seeing as we’re renovating our house. But it is always fun to throw together a little gift guide! I really do like to support small business, and these are a few of the artisans I have been eyeing up lately. Some of the products are selfishly listed on here as items I would love to have myself! But what I love about each of these products are that they are either handmade or made in small batches, or from a “small” shop. One of the cool things about social media is learning about & exploring small brands. I can attest to some of these products, and I am excited to gift some of my new finds (below!). I just got some new Christmas wrappings and bags at Hobby Lobby today, and it’s good to feel like I’ve checked some people off my gifting to-do list. There are some people (co-workers, family friends, etc). that I always push to the end of my list, but this year I seem to be flipped! For my family, we are doing a pollyanna, but S’s family is doing a traditional Christmas and I have nooo idea what to get them!

I am getting really into the holiday spirit this year. Tomorrow, S and I are getting our Christmas tree! It will be our first LIVE tree, so I am hoping we can keep it happy and watered without too much trouble. I also want to take a cute wintry portrait tomorrow among the rows of trees. I’m looking forward to it, with some hot cocoa in hand! ciao, xo

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