LBI 2019


LBI 2019 was one of my favorite vacations in the house where we stay. It lived up to all of my hopes and expectations: ice cream cones, late night lightning storms, foggy mornings, and an abundance of ships to be spotted out at sea. This could be said of any place…but traveling to the coast inspires such a wanderlust and curiosity in me, always has. I feel so recharged and motivated to create when I come home from the beach. I am not sure if it is the views, or the salty air smell, or the slower pace of living, or maybe a combination of all of it - it is 100% compatible with me.

Much like a recent Florida keys getaway, I knew beforehand that I wanted to devote time and energy into taking lovely pictures. Photography forces me to slow down and - obviously - see. I re-fell in love with my 50mm lens. I consciously took time (and even small car trips) to places that I wanted to photograph. It puts me in such a relaxed mindset, and yet it makes me excited. I have always compared that excitement to the feeling of when you buy a brand new outfit you love. It feels exactly the same way for me!

And seriously, LBI did not disappoint. There was plenty of lovely morning light, dewy sunsets. So many people seemed to be walking their adorable dogs wherever I happened to be. The clouds and lightning and moody blues made me so happy. LBI’s flowers - notably, the hydrangeas - were popping into bloom. July 4th week is peak weekend in so many ways, but the entire week felt like LBI was blossoming. I left with such garden inspiration!

ciao, xo