Elegant Custom Grey Suite | Inner and Outer Envelopes


So this winter has been surprisingly BUSY! We have had SO much snow, and so many snow days (including another one queued up for tomorrow already). At least it gives me time to journal here, and catch up about some of my current goings-on! In terms of calligraphy, getting ready for a bunch of spring weddings is making me long for flowers blossoming and birds chirping. The days are longer, and sunnier, and even the angle of light in the day feels a bit less wintry. It's an exciting time of year, even with all of the wintry weather. Anyway, I digress...I want to share this amazing suite with you!

This past March, I worked on a gorgeous grey + ivory suite that had a touch of elegance and sophistication which was too good not to share with you! The bride - who had the most amaaazing taste! - selected a formal style of calligraphy to adorn her outer and inner envelopes. First of all, swoon! Secondly, the bride selected a custom grey ink to go with her crisp ivory envelopes. Using my trusty Brause nibs, my wedding favorite, I loved the challenge of a more formal, serious style of calligraphy. In addition, this project was so fun and unique because the bride opted for inner and outer envelopes. I'll be honest, I don't see that a lot as a calligrapher - but having both inner and outer envelopes addressed for your guests is such a classic touch.

I styled these envelopes myself with the help of my favorite styling kit from Honey Silks Co., an amazing little shop I highly recommend :)