Coffee Diaries | South Down Coffee

Sometimes the best coffee is found inadvertently, without even trying. On one of our classic Road Trips, my mom and I were wrapping up a day of exploring to head back home. It was the question of to coffee, or not to coffee. But thinking about that even a question? :)

We decided to explore the town of Oyster Bay, a short drive away from Sagamore Hill (also pictured below). Everything was so quaint in the snow, and the surroundings almost begged us to slow down and appreciate the tranquility. Nevertheless, I was driving, flustered with Google Maps, and decided to just have my mom search for the nearest coffee place that sounded good. Finding South Down Coffee was serendipitous.


Right as our coffees came out, a couple occupying the bright and airy seat by the bay window got up. We snuck into their seats, obviously the best in the house, and admired the simplicity (re: hipsterness) of the place. White walls, light oaky wood accents, tiny potted succulents on shelves, amidst tiny framed maps and images. A big green plant sat in the window, by our spot, shielding us from view from outside the shop. We got a front row seat to downtown Oyster Bay.


Oyster Bay is a quiet town along the North coast of Long Island; it is also the home of Sagamore Hill. That's where we went for the main destination of our trip! If you're unfamiliar with it, it's the home of Theodore Roosevelt (I love a good road trip that involves anything remotely related to US history...).

It was chilly, snowy, but cozy. I love that I get to document my travels not only through photos, and memories, but also through the cups of coffee I get to enjoy. And the latte at South Down Coffee was such a good find for being such an impromptu one.

Cheers to coffee, road trips, and spontaneous finds.