Currently (Includes a Flat Tire!)


So, I just got home from another long day. I proceeded to go to the craft store right after work to pick up some paper, and POP, I flattened my tire on a curb. Pulling into a parking lot and getting out of my car, I figured the "shhhhhhhh" sound I heard was either a sprinkler system going off, or a great big gash coming from the front passenger tire. Turns out it was the latter.

But you know what? I am okay. I am good. More than good. It could have been a lot worse, and when I got off the phone with my dad, I felt calm. Dads are a godsend. They help you with the difficult things in life, like trying to find out tire sizes from their daughters via mobile call. You know what else is godsend? AAA. I called them up, and within 45 minutes they whipped on the spare tire, and ta-da! Fixed. Now I just need a new tire because the old one is dunzo (insert money flying away emoji here). So, in that spirit, I'm having a "whatever, just throw your hands up and shrug" kind of day. Just a few musings to go along with this comedy of errors sort of mood...

  • Calligraphy is going strong! May is always the absolute busiest month, and this includes calligraphy PLUS graduation (with my masters), coaching, looking for houses, etc. I am excited to share some upcoming work including a beautiful custom invitation suite design! :)
  • S has been working the night shift since October. The weekend after our wedding, he began the 10:00pm-6:00 am "graveyard" shift as I call it. But honestly, he doesn't get out of work til about 9:30am. So by the time he gets home, he has worked a 12 hour day (aka night) and is dog tired. I am so beyond excited because tonight is his last night on this shift. He is going to a more manageable daylight shift, and I am so happy to welcome him back into the sun :) I've missed cooking dinners for two, and having Sunday evenings. Now we get to really enjoy that as the weather warms up! I am so selfishly excited, but so proud of him for working through this difficult phase!
  • House hunting! We have begun looking for homes, and it's a process that is thrilling yet daunting. I'll be honest, I am having way more fun with this than I should. It beats wedding planning, in my opinion...I was crippled by all of the aesthetic decisions (which you'd probably be surprised to hear). But nope, I enjoy the dreaming and possibilities so much! We are going out this weekend to check out some more listings with our realtor (who is so amazing). I love the shopping aspect! I'm sure this will change when it is time for the paperwork and financial stuff.
  • Graduation time is the day after tomorrow! I am so relieved to finally be finished with my masters. Even after graduation, there is still some work to do - I have to present my final portfolio in front of a panel (eek! nerves!) but I am actually looking forward to discussing my work and sharing it. Fingers crossed!

I think there is a lot to be said about being in a somewhat good mood with this carefree "whatever!" attitude right after getting a flat tire. It's almost the weekend, it is spring, and summer is almost upon us; I am surrounded by new changes coming and lots of creative challenges. I have not worked out in TOO long...eeek. So I'm going to lace up my sneakers and go ahead and exercise. I'm looking forward to the feeling after :)

Ciao, xo!