Spring 2018 Bridal Shower Details


Popping in with a super short post, but sharing some cute pieces I made for my sister-in-law! One of the hardest thing about bridal and baby shower projects...you have to keep them a secret until the day arrives! I've been excited to share these pretty pieces from my sister-in-law's sweet "mint to be" themed bridal shower at the Yardley Inn this past weekend. It was such a delightful and gorgeous party, and the theme was so sweet, springy, and buoyant. I've never been a bridesmaid and calligrapher, so this was an important milestone :)

What do you think of the color combo? Even though the theme was "mint to be," I still think the black, white and gold fit. They are timeless classics...black + white chalkboard, and metallic gold! And together, as a combo? Always perfect, oh la la!  I love making bespoke wedding/bridal decor, especially for intimate gatherings like this.

I can't believe next weekend is the last weekend in May. Truthfully, I am ready for the hectic month of May to be over, but I am not sure that June is any more calm! With grad school behind me, it will be a nice relief, but lotsa calligraphy and wedding prep to come. Ciao! xo