It's absolutely incredible that it is 2018, and this spring I will be twenty (freaking) eight! I am in shock. The end of 2017 has been surprisingly tough for me. Lots of wedding stress reaching a crescendo and just overall changes really took a toll on me. So this winter I am all about nourishing myself, my soul, and finding solace in the realization that nothing is permanent - so appreciate it while you have it. I am a natural nostalgic - oftentimes I look for comfort in the past. I even dive into the depths of this here blog to reminisce on "old" times (circa 2013). I think about then, and how even though each chapter of my life was characterized by something different, it is all a mushed up period of time anyway. Gotta enjoy it NOW. As George Harrison wrote, "be here now." So here are some of my current goings-on, favorites, and musings.

  • House "hunting" - I am obsessed with checking the web for listings and just the thought of getting started gets me all excited. One of my resolutions for 2018 was to "be here now," and appreciate the present - so for our I am also really trying to appreciate the simplicity of our lives right now! I just ordered this new lamp for our apartment below from Amazon! (see inspo below!!)
  • Wedding thank you cards are taking me foreverrrr....but they are coming along (above)
  • Hygge - candles, comfort food, and lotsa blankets are bringing all of the hygge, wintry vibes to me lately. I recently bought this Blue Marine Agave candle (also from Amazon) with a wood wick. I'm not the biggest fan of wood wicks but I do have to admit it is adding such a cozy feel to our living room! And the candle smells amazing.
  • Permanent Beauty. I've been lusting after eyelash extensions, microblading, etc. and it is just so fun to think about! I think my biggest goal for the moment is focusing on having healthy skin. I recently got a silkpeel (dermal infusion) and it was the beeeeeeeeessst experience ever. Seriously I have had microdermabrasions before and this was like none other! My skin was so glowy for days afterward!
  • Glass calligraphy - my wonderful sister gave me glass calligraphy pens for Christmas and I am soooo intrigued! I am so annoyed that I haven't gotten around to using them yet! Need to do this SOON!
  • Wishlist: new Nikes, a new fitbit?! - one that looks good with my clothes... this tank from Lululemon, and of course this Lack of Colour hat. I am finding myself obsessed with Australian brands and this hat looks soooo dreamy. Also lusting after pretty much everything from Shop Clay LA. Would love to get my hands on their Garcia hat.
  • Reading - I have found myself reading books at night as opposed to watching television shows. I used to rely on Netflix and my tv's sleep timer to fall asleep - and still do from time to time. But when I have a good book that I am reading, I just plow right through it! My current read is Franklin and Winston by a great biographer, Jon Meacham. I love reading biographies - they might be my favorite genre. I love how alive some of my favorite historical figures become - warmth, flaws, achievements and all.
  • We aren't going on any major trips in the near future, but we are looking forward to lots of small weekend gatherings in the next several weeks. Mountain trip, skiing, dinner with friends, and stuff like that. My new favorite thing to do is hiking! My mom and I went on an amazing 3.7 mile hike this past weekend. It was warm enough to walk without a coat, yet cold enough for ice to still be frozen on the little streams and babbling brooks along the trails. My favorite moment was stopping for a snack at a particularly gorgeous waterfall, finding a little frog (who must have been so cold) and just actively observing (I first learned about active observing here.)

Some of my current faves + wish list items...


Some snapshots from the last few days...


ciao! xo