Pumpkin Gnocchi with Sage Butter Sauce

I consider myself an italophile. A hardcore one. I took classes, lived in Italy, and savored the many tastes of that glorious land. I could wax poetic about Italy forever. But the one thing I don't think I'll ever understand is why the word gnocchi doesn't directly translate to pillows of heaven. Because that is exactly what gnocchi are. I think the word derives from the Italian word for "knot." Knots?! Gnocchi are not knots. They are angelic puffs of cloudlike magic. They are light, airy pods of richness. An epicurean dream.

So...when I found these pumpkin gnocchi, my inner italophile did a little jig. I immediately looked up sauces that would complement pumpkin gnocchi. The first thing I found (and the best thing!) was this recipe, which outlines the  step-by-step process of making the gnocchi and sage butter from scratch. Already possessing these glorious puffs of pumpkin, I skipped most of the steps and prepared the sauce in a jiffy.  My version of the dish - from start to finish - took all of about 10 minutes.


The Ingredients


I was surprised how much the sage made the dish. In the butter, while the gnocchi browned, the sage leaves really added so much flavor. They crisped in the pan...and a forkful of gnocchi with a crispy sage leaf is quite a combination. It is delicious.


When it comes to cooking, I am realizing that sometimes the key is a good sauce - especially for something like pasta. I am so used to simply using pesto, drizzling olive oil, or making a kickass spicy arabbiata. But I want to explore more into purees and made-from-scratch sauces that have more complex notes. My sister made an amazing baked penne dish with garlic butter sauce  that I am dying to try on my own. But for now, I'll be making more pumpkin gnocchi to fulfill my pumpkin craze :)

ciao! xo