A Very Lovely Christmas

Just another lovely Christmas. It's been a cozy holiday, without a moment of feeling rushed or uneasy. Everything has been so simple and lovely. Things are winding down now, but here are a few snapshots from the days preceding the big day. It wasn't a white Christmas, as the pictures may show, but it was still filled with magic! I love Christmas because it is tamer than Thanksgiving. At least for us, there is very little complexity - a simple homemade spaghetti dinner followed by an intimate gathering in front of the fireplace with some movie favorites on the television. 

Over the past weekend, there was plenty of time to practice some calligraphy (I hand lettered my own gift tags and holiday cards this year), wrap everyone's gifts, enjoy some fresh cut peonies from Whole Foods (!!), play lots of board games as a family, spend evenings in front of a roaring fire. Last night we enjoyed a heaping cheese plate of meats and delicacies while we watched the Birdcage (so good!). Now we're doing just that with some good old Star Wars on the TV. I am feeling completely content - full of dinner, wine, chocolates and cookies and pie. All of the sparkling Christmas lights and flickering pine scented candles are illuminating the room. It's amazing to think that all monthlong buildup of Christmas ends just like this. We are all so full (literally and figuratively), happy, thankful, and calm. Now, I'm keeping it short so I can get back to the things that matter. Ciao, xo!