Snapshots from Thanksgiving

As the weekend following Thanksgiving slips away, I couldn't help but compose a snapshots-style post dedicated to all the magic of the past few days! It was a wonderful holiday. Thanksgiving is such a favorite of mine (it's a toss up between that and Christmas) and it was nice to take some time off from work to focus in on some soul-warming relaxation and family time.

It all began with....a cat. I went running as soon as I got home from work on Wednesday. Along my run, I came across a lonely and hungry looking cat. She was meowing, purring, and wouldn't leave me alone! I jogged, she followed. Concerned for its well-being, I rang the doorbells of neighboring homes and couldn't find a soul who knew this cat. So, I snatched her up and with the help of my family we took it in for a few days and got it some food, a bath, and a warm place to sleep. 

Then, Thanksgiving came. I spent the morning whipping up apple pies from scratch and laughing at Planes Trains and Automobiles (one of my favorites...I still laugh at the jokes every time, even when it's playing a marathon!). The house smelled of turkey, stuffing, and pie...all things magical! I made a cheese plate appetizer I was particularly proud of. Baked brie, gorgonzola picante, and honey goat cheese all paired with a delicious pecan cranberry topping and petit toasts. Oi oi!!

After this, the whole weekend turned into a blur. I didn't do much Black Friday shopping, but I did go to Princeton with my mom and sisters for our annual pilgrimage. We left later in the day, this time, and had a leisurely morning of window-shopping, coffee, and walking around Palmer Square. I love Princeton so, so much. I feel like I am walking through an Ivy-League dream when I walk along the main street across campus.

Unfortunately I had a big grad project to work on, so I couldn't completely unplug from it all. I found ways to escape my obligations, though. I discovered the Gilmore Girls for the first time...where have I been?!? Inspired by all the positive feedback from the recent revival, I thought I'd give it a try. I am so in love with it! Still on Season 1, but chugging through all of it with delight and a weird sort of familiarity and nostalgia for my teenage years. I'm pretty sure Lorelei and Rory are me and my mom. 

Throughout the weekend, we questioned what we would do with the cat. We even considered keeping it. My dad has an awful allergy, and we've rescued a cat before, so we knew there would be challenges. We looked up people missing cats and even called the ASPCA. Reluctant to go with that last route, we tried one more time on the doorbells of houses near the site where I found the cat. Eureka!! We were so happy that a family recognized the cat and took it in. 

I am so looking forward to the kickstart of the holiday season :) Bring all the snow, Christmas songs, gift wrap, and wintry smell of pine...