Confessions of Wedding Dress Shopping

I am not sure whether to make a huggggeeeee deal out of the wedding dress, or to simply treat it like any other dress. My practical side says this: "you'll wear it for one should be comfortable...and cheap...and picking it out should not be this stressful." However, my more extravagant side says: "this is your WEDDING dress!!!!!!!"

To be honest, tackling the wedding dress shopping is really daunting. I am ready to dive in, head first, but I am questioning what I even want and how I should handle the rollercoaster of doubt I will feel (undoubtedly). I am a cautious shopper. I make returns, exchanges, and then I change my mind again. I've been known to do that. I feel like that sort of habit wouldn't fly when it comes to the big white dress every girl dreams about. I know plenty of people who buy their dress without any qualms or difficulties; it just finds them. It simply isn't the case with me, but that is okay.

I think that step one starts with a realization: the dress of my dreams may not be discovered with angelic harps playing and golden heavenly light shining down on me. It may not be all that of a jaw-dropping, tear-inducing moment. I think my criteria is simple: as long as both practicality and extravagance can achieve a balance, I'll be good. Ideally, my dress will be romantic and flattering and comfortable and true to me.  

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