Old City, Philadelphia

Okay, this title is misleading. I will not be among the millions of people who congregate to the Ben Franklin parkway to see Pope Francis, because I think that they are crazy! I am glad the Pope is coming, but as a local I just can't bring myself to go be in that sweaty mob of people. So - I will show you a few photos from a delightful morning a few weeks ago when my friend from out of town came to visit.

My friend, a beautiful flight attendant (who is living the dream!) came to visit and had enough time on her layover to sightsee around Philly with me! I will play a tourist in my own city anytime (except Pope weekend). The morning is the best time to bop around; it's my favorite time of day anywhere - coffee breaks a plenty, there is a subtle cool breeze in the air, and the whole day stands before you.

 We went to two cafes, Bodhi and Talulah's Daily - instant winners! Bodhi is one of my favorites in the city, probably in my top 5. I chronicle coffee visits in the city and beyond in my coffee diaries posts - reviewing cafe ambience and flavors. Bodhi's style and menu is very simplistic and minimal, while Talulah's is a bit more earthy, eclectic and colorful. They are both fantastic choices and have very high reviews!

I love the older section of Philly and Society Hill, so we went there before venturing up towards the Art Museum. We did so much in one day, thanks to Uber rides and late trains :)

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