Coffee Diaries | Bodhi

If there is a cafe I could repeatedly go to, and call my own, I think it would be Bodhi. I have been coffee scouting for a while now - at least three years - and while I haven't been to Bodhi excessively, I find that every time I go, it is pleasant. Slow paced, not rushed; quiet, not crowded; bright and white and happy; and of course, simple good coffee. It's almost like it's undiscovered.

I ordered a $4.50 cappuccino along with a girlfriend I was showing around town (she flew in and was on a short layover!). She loved the minimalist ambience, the straightforward menu and big wooden tables for sitting and sharing stories over. This is one of the rare cafes in the city that actually has sitting room, with plenty of tables yet there are still a good amount of people humming through their work on their MacBooks or visiting friends, like I was.

Perhaps my favorite part of Bodhi is the little "nook" enclave. It is a split level space, but you'd never know it from the outside. In this little nook you're away from the counter and the entrance/door, so it provides a really cozy and intimate atmosphere.  Lost in stories and catching up, I quickly enjoyed that cappuccino and wanted another. But that's for another day, another coffee diaries!

ciao! xo

Bodhi Coffee
263 W. 10th Street
Washington Square West