The Summer I Tried Vegan

 Eating in the summer always seems easier! To make things more interesting, I've tried to incorporate a more vegan type of diet into my week - which you might think is contradictory from these photos (it is, for sure!). I don't think I could be vegan forever, or every day, but I've been doing it a week here and a week there and it has totally impressed me! I love the way I feel, which is the #1 reason I do it. The #1 reason I don't do chicken! [and pasta! and dairy. they are my eternal weaknesses...]

But I do love the fruits and the in-season vegetables that are available, so I try to make the most of them. At least once a week, I have one of the following 'meals' in some shape or form. I love beginning the day with homemade acai bowls, topped with almonds and flax seed. I use this recipe here , and like it on the thicker side so I can actually make it into a bowl and use a spoon. Ground flax seed is my secret weapon, because it adds fiber and omega-3 vitamins. If I can't get my hands on fresh fruit for a smoothie, I like oatmeal.

I know its better to eat a bigger lunch that dinner, but one of my favorite lunches is thin-crust pizza from Jules Pizza (pictured). They have  theeeeee best thin crust, hands down! I recently tried their vegan slices (not pictured) and it was pretty delicious. A few slices of Jules pizza is really good with a salad or soup, too. Speaking of soup, my new vegan favorite is

Amy's black bean and vegetable soup with a dash of sriracha :)

Easily, one of the best things about summer eating is firing up the grill. Kebabs are a newfound favorite, partially because they're easy to make, but also because there's a lot of variety that can be involved - like making veggie kebabs, etc.

I posted a dinner with them here

and man, aren't they pretty on the table? Pictured on that dish above is pesto rotini (ahhh, be still my beating heart), sweet corn, and black rice (yes, black). The black rice tastes amazing when cooked in a vegetable stock, but it temporary makes my teeth black. I kind of look like a pirate. Yum, right?

happy summer eating! ciao! xo