The Cherry Blossoms of Washington DC

Spring is officially here!!! I was so happy a few weekends ago to finally check 'the cherry blossoms' off of my must-see list - it was right at sundown, the light pinks were accentuated with the dark orange hues of the sky. I love the soothing and cool hues in the photos. I'd also never seen the Jefferson Memorial. It is a beautiful structure, made even more stunning with these delicate heaps of flowers surrounding the Tidal Basin. Confession: I didn't leave the car for any of these photos. While that might make it sound like these are a bit more ingenuine, I think it makes me love them even more.

HOWEVER - the reason we didn't get out of the car was because of the ridiculous traffic and crowds due to the Blossom Festival. If you're like me and just want to snap a few good photos without dealing with crowds (slow walkers are my pet peeve), I'd pop out the window as a passenger like I did, if that is possible. I don't think I've ever seen more people!

I love how much I've been in DC the past few weeks! Check back soon for a DC coffee diaries :) It was such a good, impromptu find.

ciao! xo