Quick Stop in San Diego

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San Diego was one of the coolest places I've ever been to. Very relaxed and chill, with the by-the-bay vibes all over the place. S picked out the best place for dinner that went down in the books as the BEST fajitas I have ever had. I'd also just like to note how giddy I was when I figured out that we were less than twenty miles from the Mexico border (eeee!). So yes, I loved San Diego. I wish we were there longer!

We started out hungry and ventured out for some good eats with zero expectations. We wound up at La Fiesta (simple name to remember) - seriously the best fajitas ever. So fresh and simple, yet incredibly filling and satisfying. I think I could make a hobby out of finding the best fajita places in California. Might be my next coffee diaries. Anyway.... one thing I loved about California was the 100% perfect outdoor seating weather every.single.hour.of.every.single.day. We got a seat right in the heart of the Gaslamp District and enjoyed the people watching. The frozen blended margaritas made it even more fun! I also ate my first ever whole jalapeño (is that weird?)

The sunset was gorgeous. We watched it over the south end of the city, over the Padres stadium and the bay and Coronado Island. I sipped a mojito with S and we just marveled at the view - it was one of our best dates (and sunsets) ever. I love traveling with S and he knows it :) 

ciao San Diego! xo