hair products I swear by



 Superficial 2. 


Sleek it Hairspray 3. 

It's a Ten

 Miracle Leave in Product

I am not super high maintenance (you'll have to define super) with my hair, but my friends do know one thing about me: I take it seriously and you could even psychoanalyze my OCD with my hair. I think over the years I've cooled my jets but I have come to find that the absolute must-have products have seen me through some sticky situations.

My routine always stars with It's a Ten. I use this after I have towel-dried my hair a bit and one i spritz it in, my hair is SO easy to comb through. The scent is amazing, it doesn't weigh down my hair, and it adds a glaze-like gloss wherever applied. Right before drying (which I try to avoid in favor of air-drying) I dab a little teeny tiny bit of Bed Head superficial, which makes hair sleek and frizz free. I can't add too much though or else we will have a very very big mess. I also like this alternative by

John Frieda.

I have never been a big hairspray person but I suppose lately I've used it and now I can't imagine


setting my hair before work, a nice dinner, or an event. I love the Sleek It line by Loreal and while its a cheaper alternative to their classic Elnett Satin, I find that the results are pretty much the same! I spray just a tad on the top for volume. sometimes I'll do that, sleep on it, and pray for the best.

ah, hair! you're fun.

ciao, xo