gifts for the gift-giving

Most of these items linked on my Pinterest.

map tote wine tote // yoga mat // apple tv // kate spade earrings // alex and ani // julep nail polish // oakley ski goggles // blanket

If you caught up with my post yesterday you would know that I've made very little progress on the gift-shopping front; a meager four gifts is what I've purchased. I have ideas in mind...the thought of braving the crowds on my precious weekend is mildly annoying but I suppose it's going to have to happen soon to round up my gifts!

The good thing is I have most of it picked out. My family at this point is mostly adults - no kiddies right now (or in sight!) - so I feel that finding personalized, fun and memorable gifts is challenging. Not to mention staying within the budget I've set for myself. In previous years I have been on the creative side (terrariums, personalized notecards from my etsy shop, tickets to the flower show...) but I think I am staying more simple this year, with some ideas above as my go-tos. I can't give it all away, though :) I am highlighting some of my favorites from above:

- A good, sturdy  yoga mat is on my list for my mom. We have discovered and have fallen in love with yoga this year, and I feel like we deserve something a little better than a $5 mat from Five Below.*

- I bought my own Map tote wine tote; it is perfect for BYOB restaurants and I love that you can choose pretty much any city you want. I like this Philadelphia one (holla!) but I myself own a Tuscany one; it makes me reminisce for those summers and I beam every time I read over a small wine village I've once been to. It's a great gift.

- For the men, especially brothers: I think despite the impersonal feel of it, they'll appreciate a good gift card. I mean, I love  them...and guys are simple, right?

- Ski goggles (and everything ski-related under the sun) is on S's list this year. I am bad at skiing, but I am actually looking forward to 'hitting the slopes,' as they call it. For me I'll be screaming my head off and zooming out of control on the slopes. S is big into skiing though and he'll love the gear he gets, I am sure.

- I discovered Julep nail polish when I used Rent the Runway - it was included in my rental in a little goodie bag. This nail polish is worth the cost, it is buttery-smooth and available in rich shades. My next investment will probably be the glitter. It's great stuff!

- The gift for dad, the apple tv, is not entirely selfless...I mean, I might find myself using it too now and then.* This tv will allow all of us to watch our Netflix and Amazon Prime shows seamlessly, and it  is much better than the stubborn Nintendo Wii we use to watch our shows.

happy gift giving! Isn't it the best feeling? ciao, xo