Becoming a veggie goddess

I don't know why or how but over the years I have become known in our household as the go-to veggie roaster (I'm a self proclaimed goddess, hence the title). With a lot of practice, pan-scrubbing and spice experimenting I have developed a method of roasting vegetables that really works for me...and the hardest part is cutting them up. After that, it's simple.

Although I've earned some battle wounds while cutting up butternut squash, the veggies I pick are pretty painless and accessible wherever you may be. I love unpacking from a good haul at the farmers' market and cutting them up right out of the bag - and the cutting actually counts. Zucchini, potatoes, butternut squash all go in as thick cubes or triangles, while peppers and onions are thin-sliced. I drench the dryer veggies (I don't know how to explain it, they're just dryer) in olive oil, and give the rest of it all a pretty decent splash. I don't need to add anything except this 

special spice blend

 which I found at home goods (honest!) but you can check out their other selections for other things you may roast.

Pop in an uncovered roasting pan, spread them evenly along the bottom (you don't want a heaping mountain of vegetables), and go for 30 minutes at about 450 degrees. I sometimes use cherry tomatoes, beans, asparagus, or whatever else I can find. But I tend to stay away from anything that can burn to a crisp or just fall apart, like broccoli or squash. As for seasonal butternut squash, I add a little brown sugar and butter and cook that in a little pan by itself for the same time and temperature. It is indulgent, pure heaven.

Here's to eating clean! ciao! xo