A busy little collection of instas, wouldn't you say? lots of colors, lots of sunsets, lots of craziness and  whimsy. So far the fall has a twinge of summer to it, and I'm not complaining...I'm talking wearing shorts with cute chunky sweaters; having ice cream for dinner; bringing the herbal garden inside via desktop terrarium; gorgeous sunsets that rival the august skies. Our late september trip to the sea has definitely prolonged this feeling, but I feel as ready as ever to embrace the chills of october and keep that little hint of summer breeze in my pocket.

I smell change - it's odd how we change right along with the seasons. Maybe that


what changes us. But I sense it, feel it, in a good way, kind of as a renewal. I feel like I am a little more confident in who I am and what I do. I'm accepting the things that do come and go. Some weeks are great, others are dull - sometimes I am very productive, some days I feel stuck. Some days everything seems possible, others it is an accomplishment just to get home for the day. Ebb and flow.

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ciao! xo