clean desk = a happy desk.

Over the weekend I found myself doing a total clean up, wipe down, and fall overhaul in my living space. I am notoriously messy, but love de-cluttering and keeping it clean for as long as I can. I find that every weekend or so I need a routine straighten-up, but once a month I do a total purge and simplify everything! There is such a comfort in coming home to a bedroom that has a bed made, clothes put away, and decluttered shelves and surfaces. 

You can see that my workspace (aka my desk) is pretty small. I love how it is backed up to the window, though - i can have candles going, a breeze here or there blows in, and I am tucked behind the prettiest dogwood tree that blossoms in the spring. It is almost full-blown fall, though, and soon every single leaf outside will be a fiery oranges and reds and yellows - I am excited for the photographs to come :)

Big week this week, and I am sure all of our to-do lists are packed. Happy Monday to you and enjoy your beautiful October day :) ciao, xo