late summer sangria

you will need:

wine: pink moscato or white zinfandel are pretty yummy.

2-3 cut peaches

3 sliced oranges (get out ALL the juice you can)

handful of cut strawberries

a garnish fruit of choice (raspberries or blueberries are great)

add a generous amt. of ice and ginger ale RIGHT before you serve or drink.

Noooo! Summer is ending!

Am I the only one who is sad?!

I follow so many great bloggers who always seem so


for fall.

I do admit...fall fashion is best...

but come on, guys! 

Won't you miss the late nights, the beach days, and the dewy cool mornings?

I know I will...

I'm definitely holding on to summer as much as I can. Even though school is very much underway.

I know one thing I will miss is in-season fruit

and I am going to freeze eveeeerything so that I can make smoothies in the fall.

But fresh is best, ya know?

So I thought


just maybe, you can hang on to summer too and cheers to the 

end of this beautiful season with a pretty blush sangria. It is pretty yummy.

The oranges definitely are the kicker, so be sure not to skimp on those.

Any citrus-y fruit and you can't go wrong. You can laugh at my fruit choices and 

throw my recipe away and put in whatever you want and it will still be just dandy.

cheers to you, summer...

ciao, xo