back to school in princeton

Over the weekend I found myself back in Princeton, NJ! Just in time for freshmen move in and back-to-school, ivy league style. It was neat to walk around the bustling main street to see students in lines for book buying, or stocking up on some new sartorial treats for the beginning of the school year. We stuck mainly to the beautiful main Nassau Street because I had some shopping to do - but the campus (which I failed to photograph, so dumb of me) is truly gorgeous and brimming with anticipation of fall and academia. I am finding myself so attracted to the idea of oxford shirts, Landau wool and a pile of books...I suppose this is a good thing because this week is my first week back at school, too! (except I'm going to hold off on the sweaters - 90 degrees all week is forecasted, ugh).

A perennial favorite of mine is


, where you can find the authentic and classic styles that one might see on the campus of an ivy league. My favorite part is the

Einstein museum,

a little corner of the store dedicated to the genius Albert Einstein. Our family has a story involving Einstein dating back to the thirties, when he resided in Princeton. The story goes that my grandfather, then a 5 or 6 year old child, was walking with his father along the hallowed campus of Princeton, hand in hand. It was a cold and blustery day, and my grandfather was all bundled up and must've looked really cute. Apparently Einstein walked by - and patted my grandfather on the head. We joke that that's how our grandfather got all his smarts - transferred via head pat. I'm a believer!

here's to all of you heading back in to classrooms today, wherever you may be!

ciao, xo