howdy strangers



it's sad that when you neglect your blog for a week

and blogger tweaks some details

(so does pinterest, and iOS 8)

and you're automatically behind.

not feeling really like a digital native.

anyway, howdy strangers!

Life has been moving so incredibly fast

and at one point when I was so anxious about this moment

I am feeling really, really good about it all, actually.

so many things to update you on, so a list should do the trick.

1) september is a beautiful month.

2) i love, love, love, love my job. even the busy days.

3) i am struggling with the running after work, and esp. with the days getting shorter.

knew this would happen.

4) yoga is a godsend.

5) struggling with skin issues, still - but getting better.

the little imperfections bother me. :(

6) sources of happiness: drinking water, friends, heels,

68 degree days, blue bunny ice cream sandwiches, greek yogurt.

7) so excited for the day S comes home (two months away more or less)

8) i am a money-spending machine. i smell a freeze coming soon.

9) speaking of: bought my first ever chanel lipstick! AHH

10) i love everything about right now.

- - - 

ciao, xo