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A little apology for being so MIA last week on the blog - life has inevitably picked up its pace -

and now look where we are! the official first day of fall.

It makes me feel a twinge of sadness to see summer go,

and to see how busy I am really causes me to put the blog to the side (for a little).

But...I've got a little getaway coming up so that is something to look forward to.

 - - -

Anyway - it's now fall!

A few weeks ago I picked up this gorgeous BCBG generation hat at Nordstrom Rack,

and it was love at first sight.

It was kind of peeeerrrfffeect timing because lately I've been not sure to do with my hair.

This covers it up and it makes everything look instantly polished -

with the right accessories and colors, it cinches it all together and I feel so dressed up.

The rest of the look is a bunch of pieces from here and there,

but I am getting slowly into the fall jewel tones and deeper, richer colors like maroon and navy.

These ponte skinnies are SO comfortable, they almost feel like leggings but they have a cool leather detail around the 5th pocket.

(also...they are calvin klein...but I got them at Costco...unbelievable!!!)

I'm thinking the next thing I need to do is invest in a nice plum colored lipstick and I'll be pretty much set!

It's not usually my thing to let the accessories do the talking but I've got to try it again more often.

already dreaming up new looks with this hat! can't wait.

ciao, xo!