rupdate (i think i just created a new word)

What a week of ups and downs! And some realizations. Get ready for a big rupdate, people (running update).

This was me Monday: I had just finished a run, and felt super disappointed. It was 86 degrees out, hot and sticky and awfully muggy. Week 7 since I have started. And I couldn't even do a mile. I quit shortly, and this is what bugs me the most. I chose to quit!

So the rest of the week I vowed to just do it. And I was out there, doing it, feeling much better. This week (7) has been SO different because I have started work, and it's just a taste of what a challenge it will be when it comes to balancing out my work responsibilities and personal health goals. I am going to start small and really strive to devote 20-25 minutes of straight cardio running on the daily.

Another big and powerful new addition to my week: YOGA. Holy. om. shanti. This has been amazing; I am so glad I started, and wish I began sooner. Already I have done three sessions this week, and it is such a good complement to everything with work and my yo-yo progress with running. I feel stronger. I breathe. I am noticing good changes in strength and balance. Plus it gave me an excuse to buy lululemon pants (they were on clearance but it still hurt to purchase them).

so, there! your weekly rupdate.
week 8 begins sunday. get it, get it!

ciao, xo