great change is preceded by chaos


Right now I am feeling a little impatient with all the changes that are humming around me but


quite taking effect yet.

Summer needs to come so my soul can have some sort of relaxation!

I think I need to vent or something...everything feels very chaotic around here.

Work is very trying, everyday trying new things and failing and succeeding.

The plans I have are always changing - which is good and annoying.

AND YET - all I can think about is the little voice in the back of my head that is screaming,

"why are you so worried about


it's like i am being a little selfish,

complaining about all of these changes that I am talking about. not yet ready to say exactly.

but I am definitely focusing some of my energy into just me, which is not what i should do.

changing ways of thinking, or focusing, is hard - but i'd like to to that...

and try to remove myself from worry. changes happen, they have to happen,

and they usually bring greatness. So...positive and open, outward thinking.


ciao, xo