scenes from the week.

Thought I'd switch it up a bit and show some 'scenes from the week!' It has been a busy one {as usual} and I seem to have more work than's kind of odd and a little frustrating. But I have managed to 'get out' and find moments of a pure springy-summery-happiness. This time of year is the best and is totally brimming with the anticipation of summer.

I don't think the colors in this photos get anyyyy better. From the iced teas to the garden...i love the light, bright and vivid punches. :) Another way I've been de-stressing is that I am actually kind of following my new plan to get in shape and drink more water - I went to two classes this week and plan on going to another one tomorrow. Kickboxing was pretty hard but I am going back tomorrow. eek! But first, today, the beach. Pit stops for bagels, ATM, and maybe a hit at Wawa on the way home. S is on his way to pick me up now and I am pretty pumped (let's just say I've been ready since about an hour ago...)

ciao! xo