scenes from my weekend

Hi there! So as you can see, I am failing you again with my lack of weekend photos. That, and it is mid-week, so a bit late on the scenes from my weekend post, eh?

Well, the weekend was a good one, spent with friends and time outside. It was a beeeeautiful few days. I had the Friday-night-drive-from-work-giddies and drove by a nearby CVS and piled up on new drugstore goodies - including the nail polish from Revlon I've been dying to try (note: I don't think the smell works...)

One thing I decided that I definitely need to do is revamp my eating/exercising habits. Last week I switched up my hair, and now I feel like I need an inside-out make over. I am thinking of doing a serious cutback on carbs (two days down, woo!). Which is kind of comical, ESPECIALLY after I posted this recipe. ha! But in all seriousness, it's a needed change, and I know I will feel better after a few weeks of missing pasta & eating healthier. are you?! How's your week going? Sorry for being so in and out.

ciao! xoooo