oricchette & pesto

I don't know what happened to me last week. I went to work, THEN worked out, and THEN made my own dinner. (!!!). Guys, this is a breakthrough. After a long and cold winter of pure laziness, I have been the queen of take out and eating food that other people have prepared. Like...I have befriended waitresses and have a "usual." Not that this is a bad thing. ;) BUT, for the sake of my wallet and my self-respect - I need to be a little more proactive more often.

Which brings me to this dish. Inspired by somewhere on my pinterest board, I whipped up this easy four-ingredient dinner. If you take out the salt, OO, pepper and the spices on the chicken, it is literally four ingredients...

Orricchette and pesto

1 cup (or however much you want, lets be real) orrichette pasta

2 spoonfuls basil pesto

1 grilled chicken, sliced

A few slivers of cheese (I used pecorino romano, but mozzarella is a tried-and-true favorite)

So, pesto and I go way back to my Siena days  as a wee study abroad student. I used it on everything. And I developed a love for it. But for me you need to have the right pasta with pesto - my preferred go-tos are penne and/or oricchette. I am not a chef by any means, but as I type this I feel satisfied and just-right full, for having consumed pretty much an entire 200 cals of pasta. YUM :)

ciao! xo