YAY! It is April!
There are crocus buds in the garden,
I think I can put away my puffy down jacket,
I come home from work and it is still light out,
anddddd, it's my birthday month!
Now mother nature needs to get it through her stubborn head
that it should be warm and sunny and appropriate dress-wearing weather.

These instagrams from life lately kind of sum it up:
girlie tea parties with vases of daffodils...
taking eveerrry possible moment to wear spring-y clothes...
latte stops at my favorite city cafe
and admiring the collections of paper at Paper Source (hello dream job).
Another thing I am starting to think about is
grad school shopping - ahhhhh. I am excited yet so unsure about what I want to do.
I want to do something unexpected and weird. I would study italian if I could.
But I really want to go to the school that has a room that looks as if it could be in Downton Abbey...


happy April, everyone! ciaaaao, xo!